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This class is for anyone with any type of disability, injury, chronic illness or special needs.
Whether your need is chronic or temporary, Adaptive Yoga is here to teach you how to live,
move & breathe more efficiently in your daily life.


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Have you ever wanted to try yoga but have had reservations in doing so?

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga: Is a gentler form of Yoga. This practice of Yoga uses a chair for support as you sit
or stand through your poses. Chair yoga is typically for individuals that have difficulty getting
up and down, cannot be on their knees or stand for long periods of time.


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Holy Yoga 

Questioning what music do they play, who or what do they meditate on or do they even chant? What about yoga for those with sensitive body issues, disabilities, health issues. LOOK NO MORE! Here at Holy Yoga we simply practice yoga using its breathing techniques, posture poses and mindfulness. The focus is on balancing your heart to His heart while we exercise together using the practice of yoga. A place that is safe, stress free, non judgmental and non competitive. We have fun here at Holy Yoga.  So who can do YOGA?Everyone can do yoga.

Adaptive Yoga

Heart ToHeart


Holy yoga

Holy Yoga is for full able bodied individuals, all inclusive to adults, teens and children. Yoga is
known to focus on form, posture and breathe through specific and specialized poses.


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